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Corporate websites by Quixtarstudio New York
Corporate Websites by Quixtarstudio New York
They are pages of an informative nature since their main purpose is to publicize the brand of your company and not the sale of products as such.

If you have different businesses, this is easy to understand. Example: you are setting up an editorial group and you have, on the one hand, an online book store, on the other, a publication services page and, on the other hand, a magazine or a digital periodical of literature. Each page has its own name and brand, aimed at its target audience, but all belong to the same company.

This company should have a corporate website from which they could access the different branches of the business.

A business page should facilitate access to information about your products and services using resources such as an internal search engine, strategically located menus, well-planned navigability, and well-organized information architecture. The content of a corporate website should be dynamic because users do not want to enter more than once and always find the same content. For this it is advisable to periodically publish texts in the form of news or have a blog so that whoever enters the site knows the most current of the company.

The web page must be able to communicate to the client everything related to their products and services leaving it alone with the task of making the decision of whether to contract or contact the company to clear up some concerns before making a final decision.

Sections that a corporate website should have

· Who we are: who is the director, positions of the different departments, contact e-mails, with your photograph, etc.

· History of the company: how it all began, how you had the idea, what was the first business idea, how were you growing, etc.

·Values: the policy, added value or business philosophy

·Departments: if you have subsidiary companies, different brands, lines of business and departments, they should each have their space.

· Address: where can they go to see you, photos of the company, with a nice street map, etc.

· Contact: the most important, without a doubt. How can clients, suppliers or negotiators contact you? Telephones, emails, social networks

It is also essential that your website has presence in social networks since it is very important that the user also interacts through this channel with the company, issues comments, concerns, etc. in which the company must respond quickly to these concerns and thus be characterized by its transparency and fluidity.

Quixtarstudio, offers you web designs that adapt to your style, as well as is a specialist in digital marketing and if you are looking to boost your brand, just contact us and you will have much more information.

Article created based on: Samuel Juliá (n.d.), Universia España (2012).

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