Content Marketing

Content Marketing by Quixtarstudio New York
Content Marketing by Quixtartstudio New York

It consists in creating and distributing relevant content for clients and potential clients in order to attract them to the company and connect with them. It is not, therefore, promotional content but useful and relevant for users and for the company that has to be provided through appropriate formats.

The objective of a content marketing strategy is to attract new customers and then perform some conversion with them. Here are several examples:

In social Networks

Especially useful for those brands that want to promote their content, instead of doing it with conventional messages, different graphic pieces are generated that will convert their contents into something more interesting and viral.

On a blog

For bloggers who are managed on a brand's blog, they attract unpublished and attractive contents to potential clients, offering something of quality such as an e-book, whitepaper, infographic or template. Once they reach you and access the content that has been generated to convert interest into purchase.

Some types of content

Images, Infographics, Videos, Guides / tutorials, Journals, E-Books, Templates, Whitepapers, Presentations, Applications, Games, Webinars.

Promotion channels
Blogs, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram, Youtube, specialized Forums and Directories.

Benefits of content marketing

Differentiation from the competition. Content Marketing allows companies to reach their customers before the competition, if they do not have a strategy based on content.

Segmentation. With Content Marketing, companies only target those potential customers who are already interested in their products.

Credibility. Confidence comes when the published contents are the result of experience and professionalism and therefore become qualified information and reference of the sector.

Engagement or link. Nowadays, creating links beyond the economic transaction is fundamental to customer loyalty, and an effective strategy is to help and (inform through content to those customers beyond what they ask for and, of course, beyond what they buy. Social Networks are decisive.

At Quixtarstudio, we are always at the forefront of the latest news in terms of projection and brand impulse, which is why we have highly qualified personnel for this reason, constantly working in the best way to achieve the objectives set, through of the different channels and using the best content for our customers.

Article created based on: Vilma Nuñez (2017).