Seo by Quixtarstudio New York
Seo by Quixtarstudio New York

By its acronym Search Engine Optimization, is an activity that consists of a series of techniques tante inside and outside a certain web page known also as (On-page) and (Of-page), with the main objective of improving the visibility in the results of the different search engines.

In other words simpler, means that your website is positioned in the first places especially in the first place on the page that displays the list of results associated with a search requested by the user.

The higher the position of a website in the SERP (Search Engine Results Pages), in theory, the greater number of visitors will reach it from the search engines.

There are two main factors, by which the search factors position a website: the authority, which refers to the popularity of the website since they have valuable information, and as a result it is more visited by any user, in that is specifically based on search engines in the user's meaningful interaction on the website.

On the other hand, there is relevance, which refers to the relevance of the site with the requested search.

When it was commented in previous sections about the aspects to be taken into account in the optimization, we mentioned On-site, this refers to improvements in the content, technical improvements in the code, accessibility, etc. We also mention Off-site, which includes external references to said website, this through natural links to the site, social media etc.

It is very important to apply SEO to your websites because they help search engines understand what information is useful for the user and what is not.

Operation of search engines

Search engines work with two fundamental elements: one is tracking and the other is indexing.

The tracking refers to capturing information of each visited web page through the links that you visit, similar to a person when browsing the different pages through links, for which they use what are called boots.

The other element used by search engines is indexing, that is, the inclusion of an index in a list prepared previously in the tracking, where they are sorted according to their content, authority and relevance.

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