Logo Design

Logo Design by Quixtarstudio New York
Logo Design by Quixtarstudio New York
A logo is a graphic sign that identifies a company, a commercial product, a project, or in general, any public or private entity.

The marks constructed exclusively with letters come to have as much strength or more than those that, although they have a graphic icon, require the association of the text to position themselves from the beginning; such is the case, for example, of automobile brands. Subsequently, the image is intrinsically associated with the sound of the original brand name.

The logo as an element of communication

For a logo to be congruent and successful, it must conform to the fundamental design principle where "less is more". This simplicity allows it to be:

Readable - up to the smallest size.

Scalable - to any size required.

Reproducible - without material restrictions.

Distinguishable - both positive and negative.

Memorable - that impacts and does not forget.

Advantages of having a logo for your company:

It is an essential part in the design of the corporate identity of a company.

It is a key element to establish differentiation between the company and its competitors.

It transmits confidence and quality in the products and services of a company.

It can become an icon with the passage of time.

It can result in greater economic gains to the company

Example of some global icons logos:

Google: a fairly simple design with primary colors but that has been able to position itself on the entire planet.

Coca-Cola: It is one of the most recognized worldwide and although it has had slight changes over time has always known to adapt with total acceptance.

Adidas: initially it was formed by three stripes, but in 1972, the famous clover was introduced that represents the laurel wreaths used in ancient Rome to distinguish the best athletes.

There are many more logos that have made history and created the success that those companies of that time yearned for so much that today remains in force.

Quixtarstudio, also has a team of expert professionals in Graphic Design with the ability to create your personalized logo, create your own brand and promote the quality of your products in an efficient, simple and reliable way.

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