Digital marketing

Digital Marketing by Quixtarstudio New York
Digital Marketing by Quixtarstudio New York

It is characterized by the combination and use of marketing strategies in digital media. Makes use use of electronic devices such as: personal computer, smartphone, cell phone, tablet, Smart TV and video game console to involve the interested parties.

Applies technologies or platforms, such as websites, email, web applications (classic and mobile) and social networks. It can also occur through channels that do not use the Internet, such as television, radio, SMS messages, etc. Social media is a component of digital marketing. Many organizations use a combination of traditional and digital marketing channels; However, digital marketing is becoming more popular among marketers as it allows you to more accurately track your return on investment (ROI) compared to other traditional marketing channels.

Digital Marketing is based on content that is used as fuel for conversations and purchase decisions in such a way that customers can obtain their own conclusions. Traditional media can be used in Digital Marketing - online and offline - but they are not used to talk about content, or brand and product positioning. These changes have dramatic implications on how marketing is created.

At Quixtarstudio, we constantly work with digital marketing so that our projects always result in the objectives set.

We are characterized by the fact that we can offer:

Search engine optimization

Extensive keyword research and analysis of the competition before the campaign begins. Optimization of web pages and Google+ pages, creation of unique content and high quality backlinks monthly.

Pay per click management

We conduct keyword research and competitive analysis to obtain maximum results.

Choose your own initial budget and increase or decrease over time according to your results.

View monthly reports that show clicks by keyword, cost per click, and website conversions.

Content management

We create and manage a blog on your website by publishing new and unique content over time, as well as sending content to article repositories.

Our content includes graphics and photos, buttons to share on social networks.

We optimize blog posts and articles to help you rank your website on Google for relevant keywords.

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